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Is Sleep Apnea a Condition You're Born With, or Can You Develop It?

Do Genetics Determine How Beautiful You Can Be?

Although genetics and otolaryngology don't often come to mind as related at all, genetics plays a part in nearly all kind of human health in a single form or another. Most patients don't get it, but even conditions as mundane as hearing problems have a very genetic basis - by some estimates, up to half coming from all patients experiencing hearing problems owe their conditions to genetics instead of to environmental factors. Even more surprising for the average patient, genetic testing has become employed to diagnose what causes the loss of hearing.

- In fact, principals are showing that lifestyle and environmental factors play an increased role in the development of these conditions

- The book "The Autoimmune Epidemic" states that scientific studies have determined that 70% of autoimmune conditions are due to lifestyle or environmental factors

- So for an individual who may have Graves' Disease, modifying certain lifestyle and environmental factors will have a great impact on your health

- And the same concept applies with hyperthyroidism, as lifestyle factors possess a greater influence than genetics

- I was personally identified as having Graves' Disease, and I'm sure modifying certain lifestyle and environmental factors played a major role in my recovery

Advanced Genetics Alpha - What You Need For A Well Built Body

We have been tinkering with radical treatments for ages, however, if medical research is at its infancy, we lost many lives or altered them to the worse. This is just an undeniable fact of medical science. A recent instance of this deals with finasteride. Finasteride is often a drug which was developed to counteract a receding hairline or baldness and stimulate new growth. After slipping from the FDA and helping a number of men regain or maintain some hair, we have recently discovered the many harmful side effects of utilizing it.- There are many disorders linked to the X chromosome

- Mutations inside the quantity of chromosomes often go unnoticed

- A woman who's one X chromosome an additional one either missing or physically altered is recognized to have Turner's Syndrome

- A woman that has Turner's Syndrome normally exhibits small stature and possesses more new hair growth when compared to a woman with the normal two X chromosomes

- She is also not fertile in this he cannot bear children

- A woman who's three X's is characterized as having Triple X read more Syndrome

- Women with Triple X Syndrome can present behavioral difficulties, tall stature, reduced muscle, plus rare cases, infertility

- A woman that has four or higher X's appears physically normal, but is nearly always mentally retarded

Reduced muscle tone is often the culprit for OSA. As we age, our tone of muscle decreases. So OSA might be developed over time by just growing old. Temporary lack of muscle can result from consuming chemical depressants including alcohol or sedatives. Likewise, smoking can inflame the soft tissue causing fluid retention that then blocks the airway. In some cases, brain injury or possibly a neuromuscular disorder causes a lowering of muscle that may result in OSA. A major contributor to OSA, however, is obesity. The extra weight brings about added soft tissue around the throat that then causes airways to become blocked.

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